Monday, May 21, 2012

Uggs in May

"Uggs in May" or "Belated Mother's day special", whichever, that's what this post is for. 
For our "Belated Mother's day" celebration, we went to Baguio city! Believe me, I never planned to have an OTDS and that's the reason why I look such a minimalist (joke!) here. 
Well, the truth is, I wasn't able to bring accessories because I wanted to dress comfortably and simple for this occasion. 

And yes, It's not easy to pose especially when you're not used to it. I kept on laughing just because I don't usually do this! :))

(shirt from Zara, distressed jeans from Forever21, Ugg boots from Muji, bag from Thailand)

look at my ever beautiful mom! People don't usually believe but, yeah.

(tank top from Mango, cardigan from Zara, shades from Ray-Ban, shoes from Toms Shoes)

Btw, Happy Mother's Day Mi! Thanks for everything! :D