Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Polaris Lovin'

Polaris, mainly because It's our lovely batch's name. :">
Almost 14 years (including nursery), I've been with these people my entire life and they're truly more like my family rather than my friends. Now, we've graduated high school a.k.a. leaving our most comfortable zone, I just want to Congratulate and Good luck all of my batch mates (I know it's a little late but it's better late than never, right?)
So, skipping the drama part, last April 12, 2012, us, seniors, had our grad ball and It was hella' fun! Kudos to the organizers /:> And this is what we ( Marilyn and I) wore.

(Dress from Forever 21, Clutch from Tonic, Shoes from Charles and Keith)
She'll probably kill me if she finds out I featured her here. Btw, miss ya! :))

(Blazer and Clutch from muradito, Dress from Forever 21, shoes from Converse)

(Ring and Fox tail key chain from Thailand)
Sorry for the latter photo. 'nuff said.

Before this post ends, I just want to tell POLARIS how I terribly miss them. :(


  1. The red dress and these heels are really amazing.
    Love J.

    1. Thanks!! That's my best friend btw :))

  2. Wooow what beautiful Outfits! Both dresses are really awesome!! I like the red dress a little bit more;) The second clutch is gorgeous!! want it,too!

    Hope you visit me on my Blog

  3. awesome red dress dear :))

    mind to follow me back? :)