Tuesday, May 8, 2012

The birth of TE

Where do I start?
(By the way, TE means "The Escapist") -Choz! pa-shortcut shortcut pa eh noh?
Kay, here it goes.
I've been quite a fan of blogging for a long time now but I do admit that I'm not that good at it. Since I found myself doing nothing sensible and I've always wanted my own blog, I'm now left with the best (probably) decision of my life which is to ACTUALLY make it all happen. haha!
I made a blog in tumblr (maikkiesee.tumblr.com) months ago which didn't really "succeed" because I got all lazy in the last few months. I do have another tumblr account (pochim71895.tumblr.com) consisting all of my re-blogs and I'll be really happy to have some more followers. :>

So, yeah, that's all for my first blog post here!
Please do check out my lookbook (http://lookbook.nu/maikkiesee)
Oh! And my online shop (https://www.facebook.com/UDreamsbyMaikkie)

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