A 16-year-old freshman who's terribly addicted to the art of styling, taking up AB Fashion Design and Merchandising in De La Salle - College of St. Benilde. 

This is a story of a lomographile from Manila, born with a brush in her hand and obsessed with dream catchers. 
She's into Traveling as well as coordinating random intricate pieces, or so she'd like to call, styling. Through this blog, be with her as she try to uncover her infinite fascinations about the world.

Being such an "expressive" person, I've always loved writing and typing my feelings away and yes, that means I had blogs before. A lot of blogs. And whether you'd believe it or not, It started around 4 to 5 years ago, when I was just around 12. 
I've always wanted to be in the Fashion Industry ever since I was 10 and so I thought, 
"It's time to make it HAPPEN." - root cause why this blog actually exist :D

I once had a blog I entitled "The Escapist's Utopian World" and thought that calling myself "The Escapist" wouldn't be that bad since It also means "The Dreamer" which I totally am. 

And I already used "Utopian Dreams" for my online store, so, yeah. ;>

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