Saturday, October 20, 2012

Half a lady, half a boss

Sorry for the very long interval in between my blog entries. Forgive me for being all lazy and "busy". Haha! Last 15th of September, me along with The Birth Defect (A blog me and my friends have come up with but there's still nothing inside, so, yeah, soon!), went to the Goody event in SM Mall of Asia. We learned a lot about styling, blogging, modeling and the like. Overall, it was a nice experience.
I wouldn't go much on the details anymore because we're "saving" it for The Birth Defect.

Here's what I wore! :)

I still can't help laughing every time I get photographed. And because I'm really conservative, I don't really like wearing sleeveless sometimes. I'm still fond of them though. 

I actually kind of regretted wearing this pair of jeans. I should have worn a different pair but since I was there already, I just went with it.

Distressed jeans from Forever21 (which I always, ALWAYS use)

Studded peplum top from Apartment 8 Clothing

Gold cuffs from Orange Soda

Sneaker wedge from Topshop

btw, I have my instagram already! follow me! :) instagram: maikkiesee
Byeerrrzzzz!! :D


  1. Gah!!! Love your top!!! I'm such a sucker for studs!!!

    Please join my Cetaphil giveaway if you haven't yet:

    1. I love it too! haha! You can get it from Apartment 8 Clothing! :)) I linked it there! :D

  2. the infamous sneaker wedge :D
    super jealous for not having a pair for myself

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