Sunday, May 27, 2012

What "RCHX" wore?

You'll probably be confused with my title but Regine and Phoebe, 2 of my sisters-by-bond friends, definitely know what I'm talking about.
Last May 26, we attended Philippine Fashion week: Day 5 and saw Chris Jasler, Melchor Guinto, Philipp Tampus and Veejay Floresca's collections.
I arrived late at Phoebe's pad and so we thought we'll be "FASHIONABLY LATE" and miss the show. Fortunately, we didn't! We were just in time but I still hope we arrived earlier (for better seats)

Our very own make-up artist (Phoebe) 

The super overused pose of girlfriends' feet!

(skirt from Trendphile)

(blazer from muradito, top from Terranova, skirt by Joey Samson)

(Ring from Thailand, clutch from Mango)

(shoes from Rockwell)

(earcuffs from The Style Prodigy)

Snapped with April/Pepang!! :D

Changed to their Yosi Samra's

Definitely one of my most treasured experience! 
The show. The girls. Our outfits. EVERYTHING. :D

Philippine Fashion Week: Day 5

First of all, I'd like to thank Ate Henri Villegas for she's the reason why I was able to go to Philippine Fashion week. I will forever be thankful to her for she contributed to my first ever "Fashion Show" experience. Yes, I've been in love with fashion my entire life but It's my first time. haha! 

We watched the collections of Chris Jasler, Melchor Guinto, Philipp Tampus and Veejay Floresca. Everything was soooooo perfect! from the beginning down to the 4 amazing designers walking the runway, Gaaaahh! I can't stop reliving the moment! Charing! Meh ganun? :)) 

Here wee goooooooo!!
Hot opening. I know. Btw, this is Chris Jasler's collection!
Can you see the bag around the guy's neck? it could actually be transformed into jeans! Sooo cool! I knoooow!!

Even guys wore heel-less shoes! 

Sorry for some blurred shots :( We weren't able to get good seats.

Melchor Guinto's (One Direction!!!)

A lot of my photos were blurred :( So far, these are the best 

I sooo want to watch again on October!! :)) 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Uggs in May

"Uggs in May" or "Belated Mother's day special", whichever, that's what this post is for. 
For our "Belated Mother's day" celebration, we went to Baguio city! Believe me, I never planned to have an OTDS and that's the reason why I look such a minimalist (joke!) here. 
Well, the truth is, I wasn't able to bring accessories because I wanted to dress comfortably and simple for this occasion. 

And yes, It's not easy to pose especially when you're not used to it. I kept on laughing just because I don't usually do this! :))

(shirt from Zara, distressed jeans from Forever21, Ugg boots from Muji, bag from Thailand)

look at my ever beautiful mom! People don't usually believe but, yeah.

(tank top from Mango, cardigan from Zara, shades from Ray-Ban, shoes from Toms Shoes)

Btw, Happy Mother's Day Mi! Thanks for everything! :D

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Be World-known!

Hey guys! 
P.S. This post is not just for people who already have their blogs but also to those who aspire to have their own blogs. 

So, I'd like to invite you to join the "International Directory Blogspot" (I recently just joined)
It's very simple and would only cost a few minutes of your life. haha!
Follow/join this blog, then click here, then comment in your blog title, url, the country you're from and you'll automatically be integrated into the country list! :D Easy breezy, right?

"We are fortunate to be on the Blogspot platform that offers the opportunity to speak to the world to share with us the different passions, fashion, paintings, artwork, photos, poems and so be able to find in other countries people with similar passions." 

To find more about it, click this!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Bloggers United on its 3rd!

Bloggers United Strikes Three!

Third time’s the charm for the most anticipated fashion bloggers event in the country!

Bloggers United is staging their third bloggers bazaar this June 2 at the Grandview Events Place to gather Manila’s topfashion bloggers once again in one single venue outside of the World Wide Web. After holding two successful events last year, Bloggers United has easily become one of the most anticipated affairs for both fashion bloggers and readers in the metro.  More than just a bazaar, Bloggers United also partners with charitable groups to use and channel their influence in a positive manner.

Through the overwhelming power of social media and blogs in today's generation, the previous Bloggers United events have successfully joined forces with top fashion bloggers like Laureen Uy, Camille Co, Kryz Uy and many more to inspire their followers and to raise funds for various beneficiaries,  namely KIDS Foundation and GMA Kapuso Foundation. This time around, the event will benefit Operation Smile Philippines.

The event gets better and better every time! To make Bloggers United 3 even more momentous, top Indonesian fashion blogger Anastacia Siantar of The Brown Platform will also be selling alongside Cebu fashion bloggers and our very own top celebrities Divine Lee & Sarah Meier.

So, if you love blog-reading and blog-hopping, Bloggers United is sure to be the perfect end-of-summer bazaar for you. Not only will you be able to bump elbows with your favorite bloggers at the event, but you will also be able to snag some of their own stylish statement pieces as they open their closets to sell to the public. Stay-up-to-date with the biggest gathering of bloggers by following us on Twitter ( Facebook (, and bookmarking our official webpage (

Bloggers United is in partnership with: 
Operation Smile
Globe Tattoo  

Event is co-presented by:
Hotel Celeste 

Official Media Partners:
Gadgets Magazine 

In cooperation with:

Special thanks:

I'm sad though because I don't think I could come but nevertheless, I wish everyone who'll be selling and buying in this bazaar to have a HAPPY SHOPPING! :D 

Boho at times

This is the reason I don't have my face in my post about Zambales, Philippines.
Sorry for the low quality because the sun was already setting the time we took these photos. :(
So, bear with me. :(

(Cropped top from Thailand, maxi skirt from mom, Thin leather bracelet from The Bead Shop)

(tribal necklace from The Walking Recessionista)

Next post about my favorite online stores here in the Philippines! :D Watch ouuut!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Da Vao

Yes, it's "The Vow", hahaha! Forgive my shallow happiness. Anyways, my family celebrated last holy week in Davao city! It was actually a shotgun getaway again. :))
I've never been to Davao before this trip and I've only heard few things about Davao from some of my favorite bloggers like Ms. Kryz Uy and Ms. Cheyser Pedregosa but since "Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.", we booked our flights and reservations few days before the actual holy week. 

'nuff said. Photo flood for the summary of the entire trip! :D

Crocodile park! :D

(Thin leather cuff from The Bead Shop, Tribal bracelet from The Walking Recessionista)

(Shirt from my brother, leggings from Forever 21, shoes from Posh Pocket Shoes

Yes, we are wacky at times.

Just wanna say, I miss Davao so much. :(