Tuesday, August 21, 2012

"Dalagang Filipina"

Long weekend was spent way too good. To make things short, we went to Zambales and Subic from Sunday to Monday. Casa San Miguel foundation, which is actually an art school and a museum, was worth all the hours of travel and though we weren't able to go to the beach the next day due to bad weather, the place were cozy and relaxing enough to stay at. (Shots were by mom)

Too bad though we weren't able to take photos inside the museum :( Will come back there someday for those! :D And guess who came along with us. 

Shoes from Charles & Keith (Overused!)


Dress and cape from Coco Cabana, belt from Forever 21

Only decent photo inside the museum :( Or at least, one of. Btw, I changed right after taking outfit shots because I forgot to bring shorts and was not feeling comfortable. 

There ya go! sago! 

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